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About us

What you should know at first

History and present

The history of our company started in 1999 when Ing. Vladimír Holeš founded a successful subsidiary of company SEMACO SK tools and software, s.r.o. in Slovakia. The company was specialized for selling tools for high-precision milling. Mr. Holeš along with his wife built up a company that became an important partner for small and large companies in the whole Slovakia and yearly turnover amounted up to 1,5 milions €. In the Slovak market we established respected European brands as Pokolm Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG or Fraisa SA.

Ing. Vladimír Holeš and Mária Holešová left the company and decided to start their own family-owned company HHa – tools s.r.o., in which they used their long-time experience in engineering field. In 2016 we started offering tools from German company Maier GmbH and German family-owned company SPPW / Spanabhebende Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH. Perfect knowledge of tools and trends in high-speed cutting give us flexibility to react for customer’s demands. Personal approch to every customer of us, adapting to piece or mass production and non-stop customer service make from us your regular business partner. When you start a new production, we provide a design of technology, tools testing and setting cutting datas for effective milling. Tools are on stock 24 hours/365 days a year. We operate more than 20 years in Dolný Kubín, in 2014 we opened a store with premium kitchen tableware in the centre of Žilina and we have e-shop www.villy.sk